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Holy Week Retreat:

The Crucifixion 

In the Style of Romanian Reverse Glass Icons


April 3rd-5th

Three-Day Online Workshop

Monday - Wednesday

10am - 3pm Mountain Time

Join us for this special icon writing retreat on the Crucifixion Icon. This will be a wonderful way to prepare our hearts for the height of Holy Week and the annual Celebration of Easter, as well as an opportunity to contemplate God's sacrificial love for humanity, embodied in the cross.


This icon is a modified rendition of a Romanian reverse glass icon, which traditionally is painted backward (dark lines and details first) onto a glass and then framed. We will NOT be writing on glass OR going backwards, but we will be painting on Claybord which can be framed behind glass to give the same effect. Romanian reverse glass icons are truly unique and beautiful, being marked by the vibrance of color, the floral motifs, loose geometric decorations, and the simplicity of the figures. As always this is merely a fun way to explore and appreciate yet another tradition within the plethora of iconographic styles. 

Each day will begin with prayer and discussion of this icon, followed by 4 hours of studio time. All experience levels welcome!

Class will be conducted live on Zoom. Recordings of each session will be made available for participants via Google Classroom. 

This icon will be painted on a flat 6x8" Claybord panel. The panel will be provided along with instructional materials. See Essential Supplies for details.


Tuition cost: 


Sunday, March 26th


Based on a 19th C. Romanian Reverse Glass Icon

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