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Icon Panels

Icon Panels

PriceFrom $30.00

Our icon panels are hand-made in Boise ID, and are perfect for students at every stage of their iconography journey.  We begin with (super-stable) 3/4" thick Birch plywood which is then sealed and covered in a linen cloth.  Many coats of true natural gesso are then applied and then hand sanded to a smooth finish. Our panels are suitable for acrylics, egg tempera, oil, and more. 


  • Beautiful 3/4" Birch plywood ensures excellent stability as well as affordability
  • Our true natural gesso is made in-house using French Marble and Rabbit Skin Glue
  • We currently offer 3 sizes that are frequently used in our Studio: 8"x10", 6"x8", and 5"x7" 
  • Custom panels are available for order, please email us for more information!
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