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Saint Anne

and the Theotokos


May 13 - 23

Two-week Workshop

Mondays - Tuesdays - Thursdays

9am - 4pm Mountain Time


Saint Anne is widely recognized as the name of the mother of the Virgin Mary and the grandmother of Jesus. Many extra-canonical sources describe the great piety, wisdom and love of this woman and her undoubted influence on the Holy Family. This icon is an invitation to meditate on motherhood, childhood, family, community and how we are connected.

Students will be led step-by-step in the painting the holy image of  St. Anne and the Theotokos. Daily prayers and discussion will enrich the experience of prayerfully painting or "writing" the icon into being. 

All levels of experience welcome!

Details of this workshop:

  • 6 sessions conducted live on Zoom (30+ hours of instruction). 

  • Supply package is mailed one week in advance of the retreat via USPS Priority Mail.

  • Supply package includes a 8x10" gessoed wooden panel, gold leaf & instructional packet.

  • First-time students have the option to purchase an Introductory Kit for $12 (recommended). See Essential Supplies for details.

  • Each session is recorded and made available within 12 - 24 hours. 

  • Access to recordings, progression photos and other resources are housed on Google Classroom and will never expire.

  • Tuition Cost: $375


St. Anne and the Theotokos,

written by Kara Gillette 2023

This icon was designed in emulation of the icon of the Vladimir Virgin, an example of the "theotokos eleousa" type, which displays deep affection between the figures.  

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