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Christ Pantocrator: Behold I am Making All Things New

Janurary 9-13th

One-Week Online Retreat (Full-days)

Monday - Friday

9am-4pm Mountain Time

A perfect retreat for the New Year! In this icon of Christ Pantocrator (which translates as 'Ruler of All') we see a vision of heaven where "the one who was seated on the throne said, 'See, I am making all things new.'" (Revelations 21:5) Christ is shown as "the Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and the End". As we enter the New Year we will contemplate renewing power of God's love - to restore hope and bring peace, to heal every wound and dry every tear. 

For brand-new beginners this is a wonderful place to start  - the central frame of the icon is a simple and straightforward example of the Pantocrator icon type and there can be modifications for the amount of gold work on the border. 


For seasoned students this is a perfect time to challenge yourself to use a compass to paint the framing circle - perhaps even the halo circle! Be sure to purchase a compass ahead of time. I suggest either Alvin 505 or an old metal drafting set. MUST HAVE A PEN NIB ATTACHMENT (see photos).

Workshops are conducted live on Zoom. Sorry, no recordings are available at this time.

Tuition cost: 



Icon of Christ Pantocrator,

written through the hand of Kara Gillette, 2021

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